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Property of a FILE that returns whether the specified data type is supported by the file driver. Returns 1 if the data type is supported and 0 if it is not. Valid data types supported by this property are the DataType:xxxx found in EQUATES.CLW. (READ ONLY)


Customer FILE,DRIVER('Clarion')

Record    RECORD

Id        LONG

        . .

Supported BYTE


   Supported = Customer{PROP:SupportsType,DriverOp:CREATE} ! Returns 1

   Supported = Customer{PROP:SupportsType,DriverOp:NULL}   ! Returns 0

   Supported = Customer{PROP:SupportsType,DataType:LONG}   ! Returns 1

   Supported = Customer{PROP:SupportsType,DataType:DATE}   ! Returns 0

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