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An array that sets or returns the icons displayed in a LIST formatted to display icons (usually a tree control). If the name of the icon file to assign has a number in square brackets appended to its end, this indicates the file contains multiple icons and the number specifies which to assign (zero-based). If the name of the icon file has a tilde (~) prepended to it (~IconFile.ICO), this indicates the file has been linked into the project as a resource and is not on disk.




RandomAlphaData  PROCEDURE(*STRING Field)


TreeDemo  QUEUE,PRE() !Data list box FROM queue

FName      STRING(20)

ColorNFG   LONG       !Normal Foreground color for FName

ColorNBG   LONG       !Normal Background color for FName

ColorSFG   LONG       !Selected Foreground color for FName

ColorSBG   LONG       !Selected Background color for FName

IconField  LONG       !Icon number for FName

TreeLevel  LONG       !Tree Level

LName      STRING(20)

Init       STRING(4)


Win  WINDOW('List Box'),AT(0,0,374,314),FONT('Tahoma',8,,FONT:regular,CHARSET:ANSI),|



     FORMAT('121L(2)|M*IT~First Name~149L(2)|M~Last Name~16C(2)|M~Initials~'), |



x    long


LOOP x = 1 to 20


 ColorNFG = COLOR:Black                     !Assign FNAME's colors

 ColorNBG = 0F0FFFFH

 ColorSFG = COLOR:White

 ColorSBG = COLOR:Silver

 IconField = 1)                  !Random fill size

LOOP x# = 1 to y#                           !Fill each character with

 Field[x#] = CHR(RANDOM(97,122))            !a random lower case letter


x-1) % 4) + 1               !Assign icon number  TreeLevel = ((x-1) % 4) + 1               !Assign tree level  RandomAlphaData(LName)  RandomAlphaData(Init)  ADD(TreeDemo) END OPEN(Win) ?Show{prop:lineheight} = 10 ?Show{PROP:iconlist,1} = ICON:VCRback       !Icon 1 = <; ?Show{PROP:iconlist,2} = ICON:VCRrewind     !Icon 2 = <;<; ?Show{PROP:iconlist,3} = 'VCRdown.ico'      !Icon 3 = > not linked into project ?Show{PROP:iconlist,4} = '~VCRnext.ico'     !Icon 4 = »linked into project ACCEPT END RandomAlphaData PROCEDURE(*STRING Field) CODE y# = RANDOM(1,SIZE(Field
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