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Statement Format

Declaration and Statement Labels

Structure Termination

Field Qualification

Reserved Words

Special Characters

Program Format

PROGRAM (declare a program)

MEMBER (identify member source file)

MAP (declare PROCEDURE prototypes)

MODULE (specify MEMBER source file)

PROCEDURE (define a procedure)

CODE (begin executable statements)

DATA (begin routine local data section)

ROUTINE (declare local subroutine)

END (terminate a structure)

Statement Execution Sequence


PROCEDURE Prototypes

Prototype Syntax

Prototype Parameter Lists

PROCEDURE Return Types

Prototype Attributes

C, PASCAL (parameter passing conventions)

DLL (set procedure defined externally in .DLL)

NAME (set prototype's external name)

PRIVATE (set procedure private to a CLASS or module)

PROC (set function called as procedure without warnings)

PROTECTED (set procedure private to a CLASS or derived CLASS)

RAW (pass address only)

REPLACE (set replacement constructor or destructor)

TYPE (specify PROCEDURE type definition)

VIRTUAL (set virtual method)

Procedure Overloading

Rules for Procedure Overloading

Name Mangling and C++ Compatibility

Compiler Directives

ASSERT (set assumption for debugging)

BEGIN (define code structure)

COMPILE (specify source to compile)

EQUATE (assign label)

INCLUDE (compile code in another file)

ITEMIZE (enumeration data structure)

OMIT (specify source not to be compiled)

ONCE (prevent duplicate included data)

SECTION (specify source code section)

SIZE (memory size in bytes)

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