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Logic Control

Event Processing


Window Processing

Keyboard Processing

Windows Standard Dialogs

Drag and Drop Processing

Non-Volatile Storage Commands

Report Processing

Graphics Processing

File Processing

Record Processing

Transaction Processing

Null Data Processing

Internationalization Support

View Processing

Queue Processing

Mathematical Procedures

Trigonometric Procedures

String Processing

Bit Manipulation

Date / Time Processing

Field Access

Operating System Procedures

Error Reporting


Logic Control

CHAIN (execute another program)

HALT (exit program)

IDLE (arm periodic procedure)

RUN (execute command)

SHUTDOWN (arm termination procedure)

STOP (suspend program execution)

Event Processing

ACCEPT (the event processor)

ALERT (set event generation key)

EVENT (return event number)

POST (post user-defined event)

REGISTER (register event handler)

UNREGISTER (unregister event handler)

YIELD (allow event processing)


START (return new execution thread)

THREAD (return current execution thread)

UNLOCKTHREAD (unlock the current execution thread)

LOCKTHREAD (re-lock the current execution thread)

THREADLOCKED (returns current execution thread locked state)

SUSPEND (suspend thread execution)

RESUME (resume thread execution)

Window Processing

ACCEPTED (return control just completed)

CHANGE (change control field value)

CHOICE (return relative item position)

CLONE (duplicate existing control)

CLOSE (close window)

CONTENTS (return contents of USE variable)

CREATE (create new control)

DESTROY (remove a control)

DISABLE (dim a control)

DISPLAY (write USE variables to screen)

ENABLE (re-activate dimmed control)

ERASE (clear screen control and USE variables)

FIELD (return control with focus)

FIRSTFIELD (return first window control)

FOCUS (return control with focus)

GETFONT (get font information)

GETPOSITION (get control position)

HELP (help window access)

HIDE (blank a control)

INCOMPLETE (return empty REQ control)

LASTFIELD (return last window control)

MESSAGE (return message box response)

MOUSEX (return mouse horizontal position)

MOUSEY (return mouse vertical position)

OPEN (open window for processing)

POPUP (return popup menu selection)

SELECT (select next control to process)

SELECTED (return control that has received focus)

SET3DLOOK (set 3D window look)

SETCURSOR (set temporary mouse cursor)

SETFONT (specify font)

SETPOSITION (specify new control position)

SETTARGET (set current window or report)

UNHIDE (show hidden control)

UPDATE (write from screen to USE variables)

Keyboard Processing

ALIAS (set alternate keycode)

ASK (get one keystroke)

FORWARDKEY (pass keystrokes to control)

KEYBOARD (return keystroke waiting)

KEYCHAR (return ASCII code)

KEYCODE (return last keycode)

KEYSTATE (return keyboard status)

PRESS (put characters in the buffer)

PRESSKEY (put a keystroke in the buffer)

SETKEYCHAR (specify ASCII code)

SETKEYCODE (specify keycode)

Windows Standard Dialogs

COLORDIALOG (return chosen color)

FILEDIALOG (return chosen file)

FONTDIALOG (return chosen font)

FONTDIALOGA (return chosen font and character set)

PRINTERDIALOG (return chosen printer)

Drag and Drop Processing

CLIPBOARD (return windows clipboard contents)

DRAGID (return matching drag-and-drop signature)

DROPID (return drag-and-drop string)

SETCLIPBOARD (set windows clipboard contents)

SETDROPID (set DROPID return string)

Non-Volatile Storage

GETINI (return INI file entry)

PUTINI (set INI file entry)

GETREG (get Windows registry entry)

PUTREG (write value to Windows registry)

DELETEREG(remove a value or key from Windows registry)

Report Processing

CLOSE (close an active report structure)

ENDPAGE (force page overflow)

OPEN (open a report structure for processing)

PRINT (print a report structure)

Graphics Processing

ARC (draw an arc of an ellipse)

BLANK (erase graphics)

BOX (draw a rectangle)

CHORD (draw a section of an ellipse)

ELLIPSE (draw an ellipse)

IMAGE (draw a graphic image)

LINE (draw a straight line)

PENCOLOR (return line draw color)

PENSTYLE (return line draw style)

PENWIDTH (return line draw thickness)

PIE (draw a pie chart)

POLYGON (draw a multi-sided figure)

ROUNDBOX (draw a box with round corners)

SETPENCOLOR (set line draw color)

SETPENSTYLE (set line draw style)

SETPENWIDTH (set line draw thickness)

SHOW (write to screen)

TYPE (write string to screen)

File Processing

BUFFER (set FILE record paging)

BUILD (build keys and indexes)

CALLBACK (register or unregister a FileCallBackInterface)

CLOSE (close a data file)

COPY (copy a file)

CREATE (create an empty data file)

EMPTY (empty a data file)

FLUSH (flush buffers)

FREESTATE (free resources)

GETSTATE (return current state of data file)

LOCK (exclusive file access)

NAME (return file name)

OPEN (open a data file)

PACK (remove deleted records)

RECORDS (return number of file or key records)

REMOVE (erase a file)

RENAME (change file directory name)

RESTORESTATE (restore state of data file)

SEND (send message to file driver)

SQLCALLBACK (register or unregister a SQLCallBackInterface)

STATUS (return file status)

STREAM (enable operating system buffering)

UNLOCK (unlock a locked data file)

Record Processing

ADD (add a new file record)

APPEND (add a new file record)

BYTES (return size in bytes)

DELETE (delete a file record)

DUPLICATE (check for duplicate key entries)

GET (read a file record by direct access)

HOLD (exclusive file record access)

NEXT (read next file record in sequence)

NOMEMO (read file record without reading memo)

POSITION (return file record sequence position)

PREVIOUS (read previous file record in sequence)

PUT (write record back to file)

RELEASE (release a held file record)

REGET (reget file record)

RESET (reset file record sequence position)

SET (initiate sequential file processing)

SKIP (bypass file records in sequence)

WATCH (automatic file concurrency check)

Transaction Processing

COMMIT (terminate successful transaction)

LOGOUT (begin transaction)

ROLLBACK (terminate unsuccessful transaction)

Null Data Processing

GETNULLS (get the NULL state of a table)

NULL (return null file field)

SETNULL (set file field null)

SETNULLS (set the null state of columns)

SETNONNULL (set file field non-null)

Internationalization Support



ISALPHA (return alphabetic character)

ISLOWER (return lower case character)

ISUPPER (return upper case character)

LOCALE (load environment file)

View Processing

BUFFER (set VIEW record paging)

CALLBACK (register or unregister a FileCallBackInterface)

CLOSE (close a VIEW)

OPEN (open a VIEW)

DELETE (delete a view primary file record)

FLUSH (flush buffers)

HOLD (exclusive view record access)

NEXT (read next view record in sequence)

POSITION (return view record sequence position)

PREVIOUS (read previous view record in sequence)

PUT (write VIEW primary file record back)

RECORDS (return number of rows in data set)

REGET (reget view record)

RELEASE (release a held view record)

RESET (reset view record sequence position)

SET (set view record sequence position)

SKIP (bypass view records in sequence)

SQL (use SQL code)

SQLCALLBACK (register or unregister an SQLCallBackInterface)

WATCH (automatic view concurrency check)

Queue Processing

ADD (add an entry)

CHANGES (return changed queue)

DELETE (delete an entry)

FREE (delete all entries)

GET (read an entry)

POINTER (return last entry position)

POSITION (return record sequence position)

PUT (write an entry)

RECORDS (return number of entries)

SORT (sort entries)

Mathematical Procedures

ABS (return absolute value)

INRANGE (check number within range)

INT (truncate fraction)

LOGE (return natural logarithm)

LOG10 (return base 10 logarithm)

RANDOM (return random number)

ROUND (return rounded number)

SQRT (return square root)

Trigonometric Procedures

SIN (return sine)

COS (return cosine)

TAN (return tangent)

ASIN (return arcsine)

ACOS (return arccosine)

ATAN (return arctangent)

String Processing

ALL (return repeated characters)

CENTER (return centered string)

CHR (return character from ASCII)

CLIP (return string without trailing spaces)

DEFORMAT (return unformatted numbers from string)

FORMAT (return formatted numbers into a picture)

INLIST (return entry in list)

INSTRING (return substring position)

LEFT (return left justified string)

LEN (return length of string)

LOWER (return lower case)

MATCH (return matching strings)

NUMERIC (return numeric string)

RIGHT (return right justified string)

SUB (return substring of string)

TIE (associate a string value to an ASTRING)

TIED (retrieves a value associated with an ASTRING)

UNTIE (disassociate a string value from an ASTRING)

UPPER (return upper case)

VAL (return ASCII value)

Bit Manipulation

BAND (return bitwise AND)

BOR (return bitwise OR)

BXOR (return bitwise exclusive OR)

BSHIFT (return shifted bits)

Date / Time Processing

TODAY (return system date)

SETTODAY (set system date)

CLOCK (return system time)

SETCLOCK (set system time)

DATE (return standard date)

DAY (return day of month)

MONTH (return month of date)

YEAR (return year of date)

AGE (return age from base date)

Field Access

ISSTRING (return field string type or not)

WHAT (return field from group)

WHERE (return field position in group)

Operating System Procedures

COMMAND (return command line)

DIRECTORY (get file directory)

LONGPATH (return long filename)

PATH (return current directory)

RUNCODE (return program exit code)

SETCOMMAND (set command line parameters)

SETPATH (change current drive and directory)

SHORTPATH (return short filename)

Error Reporting

ERROR (return error message)

ERRORCODE (return error code number)

ERRORFILE (return error filename)

FILEERROR (return file driver error message)

FILEERRORCODE (return file driver error code number)

REJECTCODE (return reject code number)


ADDRESS (return memory address)

BEEP (sound tone on speaker)

CALL (call procedure from a DLL)

CHOOSE (return chosen value)

MAXIMUM (return maximum subscript value)

OMITTED (return omitted parameters)

PEEK (read memory address)

POKE (write to memory address)

UNLOAD (remove a CALLed DLL from memory)

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