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The Clarion IDE supports all versions back to Clarion4. You can configure the IDE to use the compiler and linker, and runtime and drivers, from any installed version of Clarion.  This allows you to get all the benefits of the advanced IDE without ever having to migrate your application to the latest version of the compiler and  runtime.

Adding additional versions of Clarion to the IDE
The IDE tries to detect all Installed Clarion Versions at first run using data from the Win.ini and Regsitry, but you can also manually add Clarion versions versions from the main menu Tools > Options > Clarion > Clarion for Windows > Options

Switching the Active Clarion Version\\

From the main menu, select Build > Set Clarion Version

Note If you are switching versions for an Application, the Application must be closed prior to switching versions (due to the template registry processing that is required). For hand coded projects, you can switch versions at any time. ====== Registering Templates for an additional Clarion version ====== You have to register the templates that will be used for every version registered to the IDE. After setting the Active Clarion Version, use the Tools > Edit Template Registry menu item to register the templates. These are the steps to switch the IE to your Clarion 6 installation: 1.Start the Clarion IDE. 2.Switch to the Clarion6 version from the main menu (Build > Set Clarion Version) 3.Next go to Tools > Edit Template Registry**

4.Register your Clarion6 templates.


Remember that when you set the IDE to use another Clarion version that the redirection file for that version is used.

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