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#MODULE( name, description [, target, extension ] ) [, HLP( helpid ) ] [, EXTERNAL ]


#MODULE Begins the module section.
name The name of the Module which identifies it for the Template Registry and Template Language statements. This must be a valid Clarion label.
description A string constant describing the #MODULE section for the Template Registry and Application Generator.
target A string constant that specifies the source language the Template generates. The word “EXTERNAL” is convention adopted to indicate an external source or object module. If omitted, it defaults to Clarion.
extension A string constant that specifies the source code file extension for the target. If omitted, it defaults to .CLW.
HLP Specifies on-line help is available.
helpid A string constant containing the identifier to access the Help system. This may be either a Help keyword or “context string.”
EXTERNAL Specifies no source generates into the module.

The #MODULE statement defines the beginning of the section of the template which puts data into each generated source module's data area. The #MODULE Section is terminated by the next Template Code Section (#PROGRAM, #MODULE, #PROCEDURE, #CONTROL, #CODE, #EXTENSION, or #GROUP) statement encountered, or the end of the file. A Template set may contain multiple #MODULE statements.

Code generated by a #MODULE section is (usually) placed at the beginning of a source code file generated by the Application Generator.

#BUTTON, #PROMPT, and #DISPLAY statements are not valid within a #MODULE section.


#MODULE(ExternalOBJ,'External .OBJ module','EXTERNAL','.OBJ'),EXTERNAL

#MODULE(ExternalLIB,'External .LIB module','EXTERNAL','.LIB'),EXTERNAL


 MEMBER('%Program')           !MEMBER statement is required

%ModuleData                   #!Data declarations local to the Module

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