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MODAL has no effect for 32-bit applications, and has been deprecated in this release. The Microsoft Win32 API does not support system modal windows.

Application Modal Windows


A WINDOW without the MODAL attribute, may be either “application-modal” or “modeless.” An application-modal window is a non-MDI window opened as the top window of an MDI execution thread. An application-modal window restricts the user from moving to another execution thread in the same application, but does not restrict them from changing to another Windows program.

Modeless Windows


A modeless window is an MDI “child” WINDOW (with the MDI attribute) without the MODAL attribute. From a modeless window, The top window on other execution threads may be selected by the mouse, keyboard, or menu commands. If so, the other window takes focus and becomes uppermost on the video display. Any window not on the top of its execution thread may not be selected to receive focus, even from a modeless window.


Win2  WINDOW,MODAL    !A system-modal Window


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