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%BytesOutput Contains the number of bytes written to the current output file. This can be used to detect empty embed points (if no bytes were written, it contained nothing).
%CommentColumn Contains the column where comments (#<;) are generated.
%ConditionalGenerate Contains 1 if the Conditional Generation box is checked on the Application Options window.
%CWRoot Contains the value of the “Root” key found in the CW section of the WIN.INI file.
%CWVersion Contains the current version release number of Clarion for Windows. For example, for the first release of version 2.0, this contains 2000.
%EmbedID Contains the current embed point's identifying symbol.
%EmbedDescription The current embed point's description.
%EmbedParameters The current embed point's current instance, as a comma-delimited list.
%EOF Contains the value that flags the end of file when reading a file with #READ.
%False Contains an empty string ('').
%Null Contains nothing. This is used for comparison to detect empty symbols.
%OutputOffset Same as %BytesOutput.
%OutputIndent Contains the implicit indentation level.
%OutputColumn Current column in the output file. Could be used for aligning to different columns.
%True Contains 1.
%UtilityArguments Set to the parameter when executing a Utility template from an external call (e.g., the ClarionCL utility). See #UTILITY for more information.
%Win32 Contains 1 if #RUNDLL with the WIN32 attribute can be executed.
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