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#IMPORT( source ) [, | RENAME | ]


#IMPORT Creates an .APP for Clarion for Windows from a .TXA script source file.
source The name of the .TXA script file from which to create the .APP file.
RENAME Overrides the Procedure Name Clash prompt dialog and renames all procedures.
REPLACE Overrides the Procedure Name Clash prompt dialog and replaces all procedures.

The #IMPORT statement adds procedure definitions to a Clarion for Windows .APP file from a .TXA script source file. This can be used for importing from other versions of Clarion application development products.


The internal project information is no longer accessible to be modified by importing a [PROJECT] TXA section using #IMPORT. Alternatively, the use of #PROJECT is recommended.


#UTILITY(SomeUtility,'Some Utility Template')

 #PROMPT('File to import',@s64),%ImportFile


See Also: #PROJECT

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