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Clarion.exe command line parameters:

/Nologo - suppresses the Clarion splash screen

Clarion.exe supports using the /ConfigDir parameter without providing any folder name value, if used without any folder name value the IDE settings folder will be created and stored within the same folder as Clarion.exe (under the bin folder).

The /ConfigDir parameter is also supported for ResetIDE.exe and ClarionCL.exe, if used without assigning a folder name the Settings folder is expected to reside in the same folder as the executables are located.

/Configdir - sets the IDE to use an alternate folder location for its configuration files

The /Configdir parameter can be used to name a base folder to create the settings folder to store the IDE configuration files. There are two forms supported for /Configdir;

1.   /Configdir=Foldername

2.   /Configdir

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