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Use the Window Designer to visually design window elements–windows, menus, toolbars, list boxes, prompts, entry fields, and other controls–on screen. The Window Designer automatically generates the Clarion language source code that defines these elements.

The Window Designer has several key components that help design your window: the Sample Window, the Controls Toolbox, and the Property Toolbox.

Using the Window Designer - A Typical Procedure

Here is the typical process for customizing a new window with the Window Designer:

1. Set the size of the window by dragging the handles so that the sample window is the size you wish.
2. Set other window attributes by using the Properties Pad dialog.
RIGHT-CLICK the window and choose Properties from the popup menu, or select the window and choose View C6H0013.jpg Properties.
Other attributes include the window caption, whether the window is resizeable, whether the window is scrollable, icons, messages, help files, and cursor types associated with the window, and many others.
3. Leave the Properties window opened.
4. Place desired controls in the window using the Controls toolbox or Data / Tables Pad.
5. Set the properties for each control.
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