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GETSTATE(file [ ,saveblob ])


GETSTATE Identifies a file's current state including the record buffer, file pointer, file sequencing order, and the error state of the system.
file The label of a FILE declaration.
saveblob An integer constant or variable containing either zero (0) or one (1). If one, the state of the BLOB is also returned. If omitted or zero (0) the BLOB state is not returned.

GETSTATE returns the current state of the data file. This includes the record buffer, MEMOs, BLOBs, file pointer, file sequencing order, and the current error state of the system. Use GETSTATE to store the file's state so it can be restored using RESTORESTATE. This set of functions, (including FREESTATE), allow for easy interruption and resumption of sequential file processes.

GETSTATE can now save the state of BLOBs if the second parameter is set to TRUE. It defaults to not saving BLOBs.

Return Data Type: LONG



CurState LONG


!File will be in the same state on exit of this procedure as it was on entry


CurState = GETSTATE(MyFile,1)      !save current state of file and BLOB

SET(MyFile)                       !ready to access file

NEXT(MyFile)                      !read a record

CLEAR(MyFile)                     !clear record buffer

RESTORESTATE(MyFile, CurState)    !restore file to initial state

FREESTATE(MyFile, CurState)       !release resources

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