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The Template Registry is accessed from the IDE Tools Menu (Tools > Edit Template Registry)

The Register, Unregister, Enable, and Disable buttons are not available in Multi-Developer mode. To change this setting, select Tools C6H0013.jpg Application Options.

Save and CloseSaveClose.jpg Saves the current registry changes and closes the registry
CancelCancelButton.jpg Closes the Template Registry dialog window without saving the current changes.
Savesavebutton.jpg Saves the current registry changes without closing.
RegisterTRRegister.jpg Calls the Open File dialog, which allows you to register template (.TPL) files (you can select multiple templates and the entire group will be processed).TipBox.jpgIf you encounter any error during the registration process, use the IDE Outpad Pad to view and correct any template errors.
UnregisterTRUnRegister.jpg This button unregisters the currently highlighted template class from TemplateRegistry.TRF.
Edit DefinitionTREditDefinition.jpg This button open the template into the Template editor to allow you to edit the the code. If the currently highlighted item in the Template Registry tree is a module, the text window opens to the first line of the MODULE definition. If a procedure, it opens to the first line of the PROCEDURE. If the highlighted template is one of several in a single file, it opens to the first line of the highlighted template.
EnableenableTemplate.jpg This button enables the currently highlighted template class or procedure (if you had previously disabled it).
DisabledisableTemplate.jpg This button disables the currently highlighted template class or procedure, which makes it unavailable to your application.
Expand AllExpandAll.jpg This button expands all template classes to reveal all template sections for each template class registered.
Contract AllContractAll.jpg This button contracts all template classes to Class definitions only. Useful when there are a large number of template classes registered.
Help (F1 Key) Displays this window.


To access template properties, select the template and dbl-click, or press the ENTER key on the selected template.

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