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FROM( symbol [, expression ] [, value ] )


FROM Specifies a drop-down list of values from the symbol.
symbol A multi-valued symbol (built-in or user-defined).
expression An expression which controls which symbol values are displayed. Only symbol values where the expression is true are displayed in the drop list.
value The symbol containing the content of the first parameter of the multi-valued symbol.

The FROM type in a #PROMPT statement indicates the user must select one item from the list contained in the symbol. The expression can be used to limit the values displayed, while the value defines the display elements.


#PROMPT('Select an Event',FROM(%ControlEvent)),%WhichEvent

#PROMPT('Select a Button',FROM(%ControlField,%ControlType = 'BUTTON')),%WhichButton

#PROMPT('Pick a Field',FROM(%Control,%ControlUse <;> '',%ControlUse)),%MyButton

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