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FORM ,AT( ) [,FONT( )] [,USE( )] [,COLOR( )]


FORM Declares a report structure which prints on each page.
AT Specifies the size and location, relative to the top left corner of the page, of the FORM (PROP:AT).
FONT Specifies the default font for all controls in this report structure (PROP:FONT). If omitted, the REPORT's FONT attribute (if present) is used, or else the printer's default font is used.
USE A field equate label to reference the FORM structure in executable code (PROP:USE).
COLOR Specifies a background color for the FORM and the default background color for the controls in the FORM (PROP:COLOR).
controls Report output control fields.

FORM declares a report structure which prints on every page of the report (except pages containing DETAIL structures with the ALONE attribute). A FORM structure must be terminated with a period or END statement. Only one FORM is allowed in a REPORT structure. The FORM structure automatically prints during page overflow.

The printed output of the FORM is determined only once at the beginning of the report. The page positioning of the FORM does not affect the page positioning of any other report structure. Once printed, all other structures may “overwrite” the FORM. Therefore, FORM is most often used to design pre-printed forms which are filled in by the subsequent HEADER, DETAIL, and FOOTER structures. It may also be used to generate “watermarks” or page border graphics.


CustRpt REPORT      !Declare customer report






         !report controls


       END         !End report declaration

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