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This modal event is executed before placing EVENT:Selected in the window's event queue. If the ACCEPT is handling EVENT:Selecting and the CYCLE statement is encountered in the code executed for this event, EVENT:Selected is not generated. The Field Equate Label of the field to be selected can be obtained here using the FIELD() function.

EVENT:Selecting is not executed before the generation of EVENT:Selected if a menu item with the IMM attribute is selected, because EVENT:Selected is modal in this case.

Setting the initial focus to a control has been moved from the OPEN(Window) statement to the DISPLAY statement(which is also implicitly called from ACCEPT). Therefore, if there are no explicit DISPLAY statements between OPEN and ACCEPT, EVENT:Selecting will be posted prior to the first EVENT:Selected event.

If there is any DISPLAY statement called before ACCEPT, the first EVENT:Selected event

is posted without any prior EVENT:Selecting event, because the ACCEPT loop has not

been reached.

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