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DDE Overview

DDE Events

DDE Procedures

DDEACKNOWLEDGE (send acknowledgement from DDE server)

DDEAPP (return server application)

DDECHANNEL (return DDE channel number)

DDECLIENT (return DDE client channel)

DDECLOSE (terminate DDE server link)

DDEEXECUTE (send command to DDE server)

DDEITEM (return server item)

DDEPOKE (send unsolicited data to DDE server)

DDEQUERY (return registered DDE servers)

DDEREAD (get data from DDE server)

DDESERVER (return DDE server channel)

DDETOPIC (return server topic)

DDEVALUE (return data value sent to server)

DDEWRITE (provide data to DDE client)

Object Linking and Embedding

OLE Overview

OLE Container Properties

OLEDIRECTORY (get list of installed OLE/OCX)

OLE (.OCX) Custom Controls

OLE custom control OverView

.OCX Control Properties

Callback Functions

Calling OLE Object Methods

Method Syntax Overview

Parameter Passing to OLE/OCX Methods

OCX Library Procedures

OCXREGISTERPROPEDIT (install property edit callback)

OCXREGISTERPROPCHANGE (install property change callback)

OCXREGISTEREVENTPROC (install event processing callback)

OCXUNREGISTERPROPEDIT (un-install property edit callback)

OCXUNREGISTERPROPCHANGE (un-install prop change callback)

OCXUNREGISTEREVENTPROC (un-install event process callback)

OCXGETPARAMCOUNT (return number of parameters for current event)

OCXGETPARAM (return current event parameter string)

OCXSETPARAM (set current event parameter string)

OCXLOADIMAGE (return an image object)

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