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Business Object's Crystal Reports is one of the leading report writers delivering Windows reports. For more information on this product, visit the Business Objects web site at

Clarion's Crystal Report interface is comprised of templates, libraries, and DLLs that communicate with Crystal Reports, version 8 or 9. The DLL is accessed by a Class Interface and is hooked to your application using simple standard Clarion code. This interface allows a seamless integration of previously defined Crystal reports within a Clarion application. The Crystal report engine accesses data and creates the report. The report can be previewed in a Clarion window.

Clarion's Crystal Reports implementation is compatible with both the ABC and Legacy templates. It can only be used in 32-bit applications.

Crystal8 Class Concepts

Clarion's Crystal Reports implementation is a DLL that communicates with Business Object's Crystal Reports report writer. The Crystal 8 Class accesses the DLL. There are several templates available which make the interface to the report writer easily accessible from your Clarion program. Previewing and/or printing reports are simple.

Relationship to Other Application Builder Classes

The Crystal8 class works independently of all other ABC classes.

ABC Template Implementation

The PreviewCrystalReport and PrintCrystalReport template extensions instantiate an object based on the object name specified by either of these extensions. The object is instantiated in the procedure where the extension exists.

Crystal8 Source Files

The Crystal8 class declarations are installed by default to the Clarion \LIBSRC folder. The Crystal8 component is distributed as a LIB/DLL, therefore the source code for the methods is not available. However, the methods are defined in this chapter and may be implemented in applications provided the required LIB/DLL is available at runtime.

Clacr8.INC  Crystal Class Definition

Clacr8l.INC  Crystal Class Definition Local Compile

Clacr8.dll  Crystal DLL

Clacr8.lib  Crystal LIB

Clacr8L.lib  Crystal Local LIB

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