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EXTEND( [attributelist [,attributelist…]] )


EXTEND Specifies the attributes needed for a particular document type.
attributelist A string constant, variable, or EQUATE containing an optional type of output document and its associated attributes as described below:
type A string constant that specifies which output format receives the attribute list
attribute A string constant containing the valid formatting required for the designated document type.

The EXTEND attribute is a multi purpose storage tag, used to store information in the generated report WMF file. The information is later parsed and extracted form the WMF and passed to appropriate processing code.

Each attributelist may designate an optional document type, and associated attributes for that document type, using the following syntax:

[type](attribute [|attribute…])

Current possible values for type are HTML, XML, TXT, PDF, or ALL. The EXTEND attribute (PROP:EXTEND) specifies a valid string of attributes that are assigned to a designated REPORT control for a given document type.

The contents of attribute are dependent on the target type. If a vertical bar ( | ) or parentheses

( “)” ) is needed to appear in the attribute, then the attribute needs to be surrounded by single quotes (' ').



|Tag Name=Header)




cess Once=33|TagType=1|NameFromText=1|TagValue=)

XML(TagType=1|TagName=Street|ValueFromText=1|TagParentName= Ship to )



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